Apple iPhone 14 Pro: New Leak Echoes Dazzling New Design Coming


It seems like Apple is not going to let the competition beat them when it comes to the design of new devices. Not just that, but they’re also planning on releasing a completely new version of their flagship device by the end of this year. The Cupertino giant is expected to release three separate iPhones in the coming months with different feature sets, designs and prices.

Soon we will get our first glimpse at one of them as Apple is holding an event where we are expecting to see all three variants of its upcoming iPhone launch: the much-rumored budget-friendly iPhone, a revamped Pro model and a redesigned base model or “budget iPhone”. It looks like even though there haven’t been any leaks regarding what it’ll look like, people are already getting excited about what this new handset could bring to the table. Here’s what you need to know about Apple’s upcoming iPhone’s redesign.

Apple iPhone 14 Pro: What to expect from the new Pro model?

Recent leaks have shown that the new Pro model is going to be more like an iPhone 14 with a pop-up front-facing camera. It will also boast a face scanner, an upgraded OLED screen and wireless charging.

iPhone 14 Leaks

The most notable difference, however, seems to be in the design of the device. Expect it to sport a complete glass back and a shiny new stainless steel frame that adorns the sides of the device. This looks like it could be one of the most striking designs we’ve seen from Apple yet.

The iPhone 14 will likely remain similar to its current form factor but it will reportedly come with a cheaper LCD display instead as well as a plastic body which doesn’t appear to be made out of stainless steel like its pricier sibling.

It’s possible this could be one of the biggest months for Apple fans in terms of excitement levels as there are three iPhones on their way in just four short weeks!

New iPhone 14 with a Redesign

Apple is expected to release three different iPhones in the coming months: a budget-friendly model, a revamped Pro model and redesigned base model or budget iPhone.

The design of the new iPhone is rumored to be inspired by the Apple Watch Edition with a stainless steel finish, but it won’t be shaped like a watch. It’s expected the new device will come in at least two sizes, with one measuring 4.7 inches and another longer version that could measure 5.5 inches.

The alleged Pro could also sport wireless charging capabilities, which would make it the first model since the iPhone 12 Plus to do so. The Pro will also have upgraded camera specs along with better performance than its predecessor, according to sources familiar with the matter.

The budget iPhone is said to have a design similar to what we saw on the iPhone XR and this budget handset may not pack all of the same features as the other two models mentioned above. This means Face ID or TrueDepth Camera system, but it does still come sporting Apple’s A12 Bionic chip that should allow for better performance than previous models in this price range (which typically had A11 chips).

This device will also feature an edge-to-edge display with an LCD screen rather than OLED technology. The LCD panel will allegedly offer better battery life and Apple will finally ditch 3D Touch this time around too!

A New Budget-Friendly iPhone

For the past few years, Apple has only been releasing two iPhones. There is the iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Pro Max which are both expensive models. The rumored budget-friendly iPhone will be a cheaper alternative to these iPhones and will feature the same design with some upgrades from the previous Pro model.

The budget-friendly iPhone might feature a 6.1-inch OLED screen with a resolution of 2,436 x 1,125 pixels and an aluminum frame. Another upgrade is expected to come with its camera setup as it will be equipped to take 12-megapixel photos and record 4K videos. It’s also expected that this new device will have wireless charging capabilities just like its more expensive counterparts.

The “Breathturn” iPhone

The “Breathturn” iPhone is rumored to have a more traditional chin at the bottom of its face. This will give it a more rounded look that’s reminiscent of the older iPhones. The curved edges on the top and bottom will be replaced with slightly sharper edges and the handset will have a subtle curve on its back as well. It’ll also be slightly thicker than its predecessors, making it slightly easier to hold in your hand.

In addition to this, it seems like Apple may be ditching the Home button and integrating an edge-to-edge display into this device. This means that you won’t get a physical home button but rather just a touch sensitive area where swiping up or down will reveal the home screen. There could also be capacitive buttons below it for controlling volume or sleep/wake mode.

This model is speculated to come with OLED displays instead of LCDs, so blacks should be deep and dark without any hint of color bleeding from off-screen pixels.

There are rumors that this iPhone could also come with dual cameras, which would make for some really cool depth effect shots (like when you take pictures using Instagram).

The Final Cut on a Slice?

This is the question people have been asking ever since Apple announced it was changing its naming scheme from “iPhone 14 Pro” to “iPhone 14 Pro Max.”

Yes, the upcoming device will be called the iPhone 14 Pro and it looks like it might be a little more than just a new name.

The rumours are that it will look very similar to the Galaxy S8, but with a somewhat different design on the back. There will be slightly curved edges and they will be made of glass instead of metal. The edge-to-edge screen and full-frontal camera will also make another appearance in this new device, as well as an updated version of Face ID which is said to be much faster.

In any case, I cannot see Apple releasing anything less than a spectacular device when they release this new model later this year!

Bottom line

The iPhone 14 Pro is expected to be the most expensive of the three new models, but Apple will release it in an exclusive model only with 128GB and 256GB storage options. If you’re interested in buying this new device, your best option would be to save up and buy it when it comes out.

The ” Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max should come in at a higher price point than what we’ve seen from previous iPhones, but it could still prove to be a great investment for those who are looking for something more powerful than their current base-model iPhone.


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